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Elegi of Rosr

Elegi of Rosr

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Two years ago, Ayu Suwarjo failed to get married. It drove her into self-destructive and often got drunk. It also happened to her mother who was dissolved in sadness. Her father's restaurant went bankrupt, and needed venture capital. Finally, Roy Punda was willing to lend to her father with an agreement that Ayu have to marry Roy. The contract was valid for up to six months. Of course, Ayu Suwarjo rejected her father's decision, but the contract had already been signed by her father. However, her father convinced Ayu that Roy was the best man and could be a good lover. Ayu's mother did not know the contract. To be sure, the news that Ayu wanted to get married was something that made her mother happy. Would their marriage break up after the contract was over? So how did her mother feel? One day while got drunk, Ayu got a proposal she could never refuse from the arrogant Roy Punda. Thrown into a marriage she never wanted in the first place, Ayu would struggle how to maintain her carefree demeanor while trying to keep her cool whenever she was around her husband. Jokes, adventures, quests and secrets would put their temporary marriage to the test. In the end, would there be a chance for their temporary charade to become permanent marriage?

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